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Canada's Luckiest Student

Created by Student Life Network, Canada's Luckiest Student is a national campaign aimed towards helping a student graduate with financial freedom. One student wins a literal boat load of prizes along with a ton of cash to help pay off their tuition.

The challenge was to produce imagery that would stand out in a typical users Facebook feed. My solution was to create illustrations that are fun, bright and memorable. Cleverly mixing the prize messaging with typical objects you might find in a dorm room, these illustrations solved the visual communication needs of this project.

Artboard – 19@2x.png
Artboard – 20@2x.png
Artboard – 21@2x.png
Artboard – 22@2x.png
Artboard – 23@2x.png
Artboard – 24@2x.png
Artboard – 25@2x.png
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Artboard – 27@2x.png
Artboard – 28@2x.png